publication prize

Congratulations to the winners of the AHGBI /Spanish Embassy Publication Prize for 2018-19!

Winners of the AHGBI /Spanish Embassy Publication Prize for a Doctoral Thesis 2018-19:

Dr Maya Feile Tomes (University of Cambridge): ‘Neo-Latin America: The Poetics of the “New World” in Early Modern Epic: Studies in José Manuel Peramás’s De Invento Novo Orbe Inductoque Illuc Christi Sacrificio [‘On the Discovery of the New World and the Introduction of the Christian Sacrament to it’] (Faenza, 1777)’. (To be published with Támesis)

Dr Brigid Catherine Lynch (University of St Andrews): ‘Dialogues of Historicity and Horizontalism in Post-Crisis Argentine Narratives’. (To be published with Legenda).